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About Arranged Right
Your digital space, your way

Arranged Right provides digital productivity and organization services that help people get their digital spaces in order. We understand that everyone's digital life is different, so we work with you to create a solution that is tailored to your specific needs and comfort level.

We start by understanding your organizing habits and practices. We look at how you currently store your digital information, how you access it, and how you use it. This helps us to understand how you got to where you are today and what you need to do to get organized.


Once we understand your needs, we work with you to identify the information you truly need and want. We eliminate the unnecessary items and distracting clutter, and create an organized digital space that is truly yours.


Your digital space will be intuitive, protected, and accessible to you and your trusted ones. We will work with you to set up security measures to protect your information, and we will make sure that your digital space is easy to navigate.


We understand that getting organized can be a daunting task, but we are here to help you every step of the way. We will create a plan that is realistic and achievable, and we will provide you with the support you need to succeed.


To get your digital life in order, contact Arranged Right today or schedule your complimentary consultation. We will help you create a digital space that is organized, secure, and accessible.

Service Offerings


We digitize and categorize your paper files according to their retention requirements, so you can decide what needs to be maintained, stored, or archived.


We organize your digital files, create efficient folder structures, streamline your email, and evaluate your apps and subscriptions for value and duplication.


We gather your electronic accounts and asset information into a digital estate plan, and ensure that it is accessible to your fiduciaries in the event of your incapacitation or death.


Life binders organize your vital and valuable information in one place. Whether you choose a physical, digital, or app-based binder, we help you create a comprehensive and easy to use system.


The increasing number of online accounts makes password management a must. We assist you in evaluating and implementing a password management solution.


Your data is a valuable asset and should be kept accessible, yet safe. We advise you on backup systems and best practices.

How We Work Together

You have the flexibility to choose how much of the work you want to do. You can choose to have us do the bulk of the legwork, or you can do the work with our guidance. We can work with you in person* or virtually. No matter which option you choose, we are here to help you achieve your goals.


Contact us for more information or additional service offerings not listed here.

*Our in-person service area includes Washington, DC; Montgomery County MD; and the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, and Loudoun, VA, including the cities of Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, and Fairfax.

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