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Lorea Garamendi

I have a passion for organization and personal productivity, specifically bridging the gap between digital and non-digital information.​ I remember the days of Filofax Planners and was an early adopter of the PalmPilot handheld. I have observed the shift from paper-based to digital information systems, and the impact this has had on our lives. 


I understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to organizing information, so I use my experience to shape time-tested principles with the client's unique way of working, to find what's best for them.


​I have worn many hats over the years, as a business consultant, entrepreneur and business owner, property manager and developer, line cook, and contributor to nonprofit governance and management. In every role I have held, my ability to effectively organize information and materials has been essential to my success.


​When I'm not working, I like to disconnect from the constant flow of information and spend time outdoors, in the company of friends and family. I am an avid rower, cyclist, skier, and hiker. I still prefer to read paper books, but happily use technology to learn new languages.

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